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Although I am best known for my one-of-a-kind burnished, pit fired pieces, I also love to make pottery that people see and use every day.  Pottery is very intimate.  A cup or bowl is touched as well as seen.  I touch and form the soft plastic clay.  Another person touches the transformed fired clay.  It becomes part of their life: everyday sacred.

My functional work is made from white earthenware.  For years I did not have a kiln that would go to a high (stoneware and porcelain) temperature. I began experimenting with white earthenware and developed some simple glazes that I liked.  Later, when I finally had an electric kiln that could reach high temperatures, I realized that I liked the soft, gentle look of the earthenware glazes that I had been using and could not duplicate these at a high stoneware or porcelain temperature.

white earthenware:

cups, bowls, serving pieces, vases

All pieces are lead free.

Handmade + Art = hand wash.

Custom orders available.