Carol Molly Prier lives on the Northern California coast. She has been making pottery since 1970. Molly is well known for her one-of-a-kind, burnished, pit fired pieces, which are based on Native American Pueblo techniques. She also loves making functional pieces for daily use: cups, bowls, serving pieces and vases for flowers.

Molly received her MFA from Mills College in 1977 where she began teaching herself burnishing and pit firing. She has since worked with Steve Lucas from Polacca on the Hopi reservation and Lydia Quezada from Mata Ortiz. 

A full time studio artist in Inverness, CA and part time teacher, Molly has taught and lectured extensively in California and has been instrumental in introducing burnishing and pit firing in the San Francisco Bay area through her workshops and as an invited guest lecturer. She has also taught in Iowa and Scotland.

If you are coming to the Point Reyes Seashore area, make an appointment to visit her delightful studio in Inverness or come specifically for Open Studios, Thanksgiving or Memorial Day weekends.